Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How soon can you start a job??

We are a FULL TIME operation, meaning we are comitted to each and every job prospect. We can normally start jobs within a few days of visiting the job site.

Are you able to move logs to different locations?

Yes, please contact us for skid steer mobilization process information.  We provide this service for any customer who makes this request.

Can you saw at your home location?

Yes, if we aren't sawing on the road, we're sawing at home. If you want to deliver logs to our home location, we're happy to saw your lumber on site located in Winston Salem, NC.

What's the largest size log you can cut?

The maximum throat width on the sawmill is 24" wide.  We have the capability to handle much larger logs with the new atom splitter on the skid steer! If you want larger live edge slabs we are happy to cut bookend pieces.

Can you saw small orders?

We don't care if you want a stick sawed up!!! If you see the potential  we want to help!